Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 02:13 UTC

Re: Sharing your Asgardia ID Number  

What will happen after finding out the number for the customer?

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 20:16 UTC

[ What will happen after finding out the number for the customer? ]

Your molecules will be deconstructed and added to the Food Replicator for future consumption ! ;) Or not as the case may be .

Mar 5, 17 / Ari 08, 01 12:05 UTC

(No compartan su ID , es como su número de DNI, Rut, etc, como el que tienen de su país en la tierra). Es un documento valido

Creo que es parte de ingenuidad , ya que muchos documentos , sino el 99.9% estan en idioma Ingles, lo cual no todos manejan, y parte de orgullo también por formar parte de algo grande, o una forma de llamar más personas hacia esta magnanima nación. En fin ..,queda claro que el ID es y será un documento auténtico y no un ID de Juego online o de consola. Escribo esto en español e para os de lingua Portuguesa sera más facil de ler. Somos parte de el Universo.

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Mar 23, 17 / Ari 26, 01 00:18 UTC

I did post it publicly ill ask my friends to delete it thank you

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 14:48 UTC

Considering how your CIN is related to your forum ID, it's pretty easy to guess your CIN by looking at your profile page... At the moment, the CIN doesn't have any value until you are actually on Asgardia.

Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 13:59 UTC

What @Korvin wrote I read exactly in a security specialists' newspaper and, as far as I can see, is terribly correct, as there is no way to make sure "you" (and not another one impersonating you by way of some devices) are really there, where authorization is required.
At least, traditional authentication methods (user/password) can be reset and changed at need.


Apr 11, 17 / Tau 17, 01 19:43 UTC

As others have said, using the ID number for verification is a terrible idea.

However, if the intent is for this number to be "secret," this should be clearly stated on the web page when the ID is first issued.

Apr 18, 17 / Tau 24, 01 19:56 UTC


May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 11:00 UTC

Thank you for your advice

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 12:23 UTC

I sent my a mail to citizens@asgardia.space with my citizen ID . Will that be an issue. Can we check whether the Asgardia database has our digital information. 

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 03:41 UTC

Thank you Rebekah for this attention.

Good Days Asgardian's ! |

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 23:06 UTC

Hurrah ! Asgardia

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 13:31 UTC

Làm sao để biết được ID của mình vậy mọi người ,

Làm thế nào để biết ID của bạn để mọi người

Jun 15, 17 / Can 26, 01 15:23 UTC


Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 12:04 UTC