Feb 14, 18 / Pis 17, 02 10:20 UTC

Re: Energy?  

Piezo electric?

I'm assuming some sort of crystal compression technology that uses the lack of atmosphere and its temperature as a catalyst to creating compression of a crystal that emits an electric charge, Quartz?

Jul 14, 18 / Leo 27, 02 19:38 UTC

I think Solar Energy is large contender although,I believe that it might be best for our nation if we become advocates of Fusion too.

It is a technology coming closer to fruition, and it seems wise,from an economic perspective, that we take advantage of this new market. If we were to be advocates of this new power, and be leaders of its construction be both guarantee an income for our nation and jobs for our people. If we are to influence the Earths nations, we must be respected and what better way than to be the largest contributor power of its power? Using it ourselves will obviously make it an easier sell. Imagine of all fusion reactors had "Made in Asgardia" on it.

Also, solar energy cannot compete with the potential power of a fusion reactor.

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Jul 31, 18 / Vir 16, 02 22:15 UTC

Yes , lets talk about primitive energy sources like Solar, Nuclear and fusion and not even think about the limitless energy you can get from antimatter. and yes its plentiful in space, an ai boosted Minimum Magnetic Field Trap with a anitmatter reactor can power the future way more safely and reliably without all the junk wires , grids and garbage weight of solar panels , fusion reactors etc .