Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 15:15 UTC

Re: Cryptocurrency  

If SOLAR could be like Tether (USDT) which has a fixed value ($1), like IOTA which is fast, has no fees, lightweight, and best of all scalable, We'd have a pretty solid cryptocurrency.

Jul 26, 17 / Vir 11, 01 13:25 UTC

Cryptocurrency is probably the best way to go. I would like to second the proposed name "STELAR" by fellow asgardian @ rogerioaugusto , sounds fantastic.

Jul 27, 17 / Vir 12, 01 21:39 UTC

This idea of build SOLAR with the technologies of Tether and IOTA is great!!! 

Anyone knows in what stage is the development of the Asgardia cryptocurrency? I would like to participate.

Nov 25, 17 / Sag 21, 01 01:13 UTC

I think that using something as scalable, fast and cheap as IOTA  is the way to go.

I don't understand the USDT part. What are the advantages of binding the value of SOLAR to a national Fiat currency like the dollar?

Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 19:54 UTC

Hello everyone, I'm new here, I see a cryptocoin well, In order to finance the nation quickly, I am interested in participating in the mining of the currency. In the future this could be mined with solar panels in some space station

Dec 30, 17 / Cap 28, 01 13:25 UTC

Hello All.

In last few days I read through the forum, but found nothing plausible about how it could work.

At first do not forget our Constitution:

Article 13. Financial Resources (https://asgardia.space/en/page/constitution#c4-a13)

Now let us think what does this means.

In case we are using cryptocurreny (at this point of time it plays no role what do we take as base (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc..)).

1. National Bank of Asgardia is the only institution who can produce the currency.

This means in our case, that all cryptocoins are premined

or other possibility - it can be mined only by Asgardians and they completely donor their computing power to Asgardia. It is clear that the people want to get reward for their work, so Asgardia need another whay to do this. Possibility that I see - is for example: Asgardia uses "basic income" (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/oct/31/finland-universal-basic-income), which means that each and everyone in Asgardia get some amount of currency transfered to personal wallet (monthly, yearly, etc...).

2. If we need to mine the currency - we face the problem - how it can be done - many people possibly will want to help out, but do not have the possibility to own powerfull systems for mining (ASIC's, etc...) - so we need to use such base cryptocurrency that can be easily mined on every computer in the world (CPU/GPU mining).

3. Does the amount of the currency need to be limited? (Example bitcoin 21 Mio coins)

4. I understand that the currency can be exchanged everywhere in the world, but how it can be spended? I think it schould be done only on the servers of Asgardia, else we loose the possibilty for getting taxes (all cryptocurrencies are developed with the fact im mind - transaction need to be anonymized, so after transaction is complete you can see that it was done, but it is impossible to say who and/or how much was transferred). In case Asgardia servers are used - it would be possible in same transaction to pay for product and pay taxes to the state.

5. The currency must be used - only in this case it will be possible to rase a value against other currencies.

Tere are many other question that need to be discussed...

To be continued ...

Jan 18, 18 / Aqu 18, 02 19:54 UTC

To my opinion, we should creat not criptocurrency, but just electronic currency and make the Central Bank responcible for it's emition.

Jan 19, 18 / Aqu 19, 02 08:03 UTC

I would like to nominate DOGE COIN for Asgardian Currency. Few reasons it's a community backed currency and great community over 100k subscribers on reddit , it's the first digital currency to goto space https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/6ejo6m/blastoff_dogecoin_in_space_aboard_alberta_cubesat/ and the First animal to orbit earth was a dog named Lika and the first nation to launch and orbiting earth right now is Asgardia. DOGE Coin has cheap transaction fees and fast transactions. Large enough circulating supply with a big marketcap to grow over years and can right now you could probably mine a coin a day or more . The Coin has lot of room for Growth and been getting popular everyday because of the people. 

If we are gonna make our own currency then we need to take a closer look at Hashgraph Technology. The technology that's gonna be the Google of Blockchain technology or maybe you could  call it the Apple of Blockchain if they decide not to open source it or If we did decide  to use BlockChain we need to have atomic swap integrated.

Jun 18, 18 / Leo 01, 02 09:57 UTC

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Jun 28, 18 / Leo 11, 02 08:01 UTC

I agree with using a cryptocurrency, I believe that bitcoin would be the great currency option for Asgardia.  It is quite an interesting idea, even though a lot of people will still remain ignorant about what Asgardia is exactly. And Asgardia is working on using a new cryptocurrency called SOLAR to form the basis of its economy. For the non-stop updated cryptocurrency news, you can follow this site: https://cryptonewstrends.com/

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Jul 13, 18 / Leo 26, 02 12:29 UTC

yes ofcourse bitcoin is the best currency option till date. we can actually sell buy and exchange bitcoins through many platforms availabe worldwide.

Jul 20, 18 / Vir 05, 02 10:04 UTC

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Jul 23, 18 / Vir 08, 02 09:59 UTC

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Jul 23, 18 / Vir 08, 02 09:59 UTC

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Aug 6, 18 / Vir 22, 02 11:19 UTC

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