Jul 1, 17 / Leo 14, 01 15:51 UTC

Recognition of Asgardia Space Nation  

In a recent article, "The 'space nation' Asgardia will attempt its first launch of this summer - with help from a Russian billionaire" (http://www.businessinsider.com/asgardia-first-space-country-satellite-2017-6) From June 13, 2017, author Dave Mosher writes, "However, experts are uncertain if Asgardia could become a nation, and it's unclear how it will fund or build a human space colony." Nevertheless, experts are not sure whether Asgardia Become a nation, and it is unclear how it will finance or build a human space colony. " This question seemed interesting to us, since it is indeed an important step in the way of recognition of the earthlings, the very first space nation of Asgardia and its people.

It seems to us that if the only thing is to recognize the fact of the physical subject of Asgardia in the near-earth orbit with any money including bitcoins, then enough among the numerous international crews among the cosmonauts to find the submitted Asgardia and the issue de jure will be solved forever. And what do you think?

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Aug 3, 18 / Vir 19, 02 17:09 UTC

I would suggest that we boost the technical and scientific knowledge of citizens to the point that Asgardians tank among the best in the world and we export that expertise.  This draws income, and builds trust with the nations of Earth.  Recognition as a nation will depend on that trust since we are asking them to entrust us with the planet’s defense as a result of sovereign recognition.