What should the official religion of Asgardia be?

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50% Jedi

0% Sith

0% Scientology

50% Prince Phillip Movement

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 11:26 UTC

Religion- What should it be?  

What should the official religion of Asgardia be?

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 11:33 UTC

May the Troll be with you....

(just a advice, read the terms, no trolling here or BAN)

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 11:38 UTC

Actually, I am genuinely curious. Open to suggestions

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 11:53 UTC

thats why i advice you to read the terms.... So, what's the religion should it be?


Remember, THE STATE, not the people. In ASGARDIA people are free to have their own religion or belief, but impose this to everyone it's something already discussed and none agrees with that.

And if create a new religion, i suggest:

Neil deGrasse Tyson should be our Messiah Carl Sagan our God Stephen Hawkins our Prophet

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 12:54 UTC

If there was to be (which I know there won't be because of the vision of Asgardia is secular) my vote is for Pastafarianism.

The dieity, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), is a very tolerant and accepting god. It actually doesn't really care if you worship it or not, and if you do, you are welcome to do so in your own way (although the customary worship involves beer and pasta). Pastafarians believe there are many levels of belief and each is no more or less legitimate than the other.

The only dogma is the rejection of all dogma. Pastafarian ethics are guided by the "8 I'd really rather you didn'ts", that outline harmonious co-existence, non-judgemental conduct and generally not being a dick. They are, however, guidelines. The FSM acknowledges we are human and that we can stuff up sometimes.

it is also the only religion to offer a 30 day god back guarantee. Handy for those that want to give it a trial run.

It may just be the ticket to resolving this reocurring religion discussion once and for all.

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 12:55 UTC

"As a new nation based on the philosophy of human freedom, Asgardia does not take a stance on its citizens personal beliefs and will not declare a specific religion as the official religion of Asgardia. Citizens of Asgardia shall be free to worship their religion of choice or none at all. Your freedom of belief is entirely your personal choice. Of course that choice must respect the choice of others in return." To clarify the most common misconceptions: - religion will NOT be banned, - atheism will NOT be a leading worldview, - no one will be expected to change their religion nor does Asgardia need a new one.

Please review the Concept and the FAQ pages of the Asgardia website. Concept: https://asgardia.space/en/page/concept FAQ: https://asgardia.space/en/page/faq

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Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 15:01 UTC

FSM will send a Messiah to save us from himself?