Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 05:11 UTC

Hello, fellow citizens!  

My name is Ramon Montejo, and I was born in southern Mexico 26 years ago. Online I go by the nickname of Palantir (Tolkien fan). I'm best described as a generalist, but currently I'm looking forward to specialize in computer science, with a deep interest in block chain technology. I'm owned by an evil ball of fur named Enzo that looked like a cat when I found him and I make a living as a trader of crypto currencies and selling stuff on the internet. I spend most of my (night) free time in my home's roof stargazing with my feline overlord and my laptop. My other interests are renewable energy sources, world history, economics and drones. Some of my friends say I'm an overthinker, but I would say I like to deeply analize things. Almost anything make me laugh, and I love when someone proves me wrong as I feel is the best way (for me) to learn new things.

I first knew about Asgardia on november 2016, and fell in love almost instantly. But soon enough I realized that before anything else I'd to answer a question: what can I do for this nation? How can I make myself useful? (hence my desire for specialization). As you can see I'm really bad at introducing myself, but have no doubt that I'm eager to work along with you and do my part in this effort.

Have a nice day/noon/night wherever you are, and if you believe I can help you out in anything don't hesitate in reaching out!

Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 05:27 UTC

Hello Palantir, and Welcome!

Please feel free to join in with our discussions. Don't forget to check out our Forum Announcements section here we post all sorts of general information, and keep an eye on the Asgardia News section. We ask that you be familiar with the  Code of Conduct  for your posting convenience. English is the accepted language in all non-regional forums. If English is not your first language it is recommended to use Google Translate or Bing Translator so that you can post the english translation into your post. To find a forum in your language, you can visit our regional groups section where you can speak and find translated official Asgardia documents in your native tongue.

Jun 29, 17 / Leo 12, 01 06:11 UTC

Thank you Tim!

Both sections are already bookmarked, just finished reading our Code of Conduct and are currently in the process of reading and accepting our Constitution.

Have a nice day!