Jan 29, 19 / Pis 01, 03 16:48 UTC

Hello i got a few questions  

hello everyone i am new here i got a few questions:

1. how long until asgardia sends people to space

2. will it be free for citizens paying there citizens fees

3. where will the launch and stuff happen of the station we will call home

4. who will go first and who will go last

5. can i help designing the station(i do need help cause i do not know if my ideas are realistic)

anyway questions aside hows it gooing

Jan 30, 19 / Pis 02, 03 12:58 UTC

Hello Ender, i will try to answer your questions. First, welcome in the forum and feel free to put any thoughts you have. I am doing the same and i am happy i started with it some time ago, this way we enrich Asgardia.
1. Could be fast by cooperation with a launch organization or the long way if we have to build it from scratch. But definitely put any designs here in Asgardia, because the professionals will at a certain time take a look at it if they can use it as a whole or in parts, data is data.
2. I know by now that if you get in early at whatever appears that you are always in favor to the ones that get in at a later time, i am here from the start and i am happy i have done so. So, yes, maybe we will get a free or cheaper ticket true Asgardia.
3. That depends of the localizations of the businesses that want to work with us, if one has an own spaceport then that would be in favor for us and we have not to build it our-selfs.
4. Probably you first and i last. ;-)
5. Yes, yes and yes, please give input. Our nation is in a digital state and it will be in the future. Any input of space arks, moon arks, space ships, they are all welcome and will be of use some day. Do not let you put down if you do not get any responses or just a few, the matter that you have posted it in Asgardia puts them for eternity in to space for the benefit of all humanity.

I suppose that we are doing fine, i find it a good place here.

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 4, 19 / Pis 07, 03 14:17 UTC

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