May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 18:19 UTC

CHRONICLES - We need your voice. Asgardia’s Constitution awaits you!  

Good day Asgardians!

Today is an important day in our history as the draft of the Asgardia Constitution has been posted! We'd like your input on it so please review and let us know what you think! 

You can either comment here the official Facebook page or on the thread created for it on the forum. We will be compiling them into a full feedback document.

Let's hear your voices Asgardia!

One Unity, One Community

Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

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May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 04:02 UTC

Am I missing something?  There is a litany of conversation elsewhere in the forums and on FB about this draft and yet No One has replied to this post?  Am I in the wrong thread?

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 04:10 UTC

Hello @travishead

This is a place to share your feedback about the draft Constitution of Asgardia. All feedback from this thread will be compiled into a document for review.

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 20:57 UTC


Shanewatt i believe travishead's post may have been misinterpreted. Please correct me if im wrong Travishead, But i If i understood his post was basically question the need for this thread, when theres an identical thread as well as the Facebook page mention. If im correct, i have to agree and respectfully suggest to Rebekah Berg that it may be , a better idea from administrative perspective rather than creating a third page to, taking all posts from the thread already full of feedback and also those from the Facebook page and combining them here, for easy access and organizational purposes. I believe this may avoide anger from the many that have essentially already answered OP's tittle question and having to repeat it again. - Note: If understaffed or busy at this point in time Rebekah Berg and Shanewatt, i am more than happy too offer any assistance.

On a different matter while im here, may i please be given a direct contact means (email address is fine) to the Head of Community Affairs.

Jun 8, 17 / Can 19, 01 03:10 UTC

I am reading many items in the draft of the constitution, I believe that these points assume in a very advanced way many positions, such as "colonization of territories of the earth", as well as the monarchy parlamentarian system (better parlamentary commonwealth with a main head leader, preventing a type of confederation of space stations and earth's territories), although not very practical at this time, as the inheritance of the position, except as a recommendation of the head of state. I believe that the first stage of the constitution must contemplate a call for improvement after a few years (2,5,10 respenctively) of starting the creation of the communities. i think that is better enforce development before of determine territories or space occupation. also And provide for a system that avoids bank fraud as 2008

You have not tried to implement an online tool for the citation of objections for each point or chapter, this forum itself is somewhat cumbersome to generate individual discussion groups (searches of nearby Asgardians)?

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 13:52 UTC

أرى أن الدستور من مبدأ إنساني لكننا يجب أن يكون أرضنا الخاصة على كوكب الأرض في المناطق غير المأهولة التي نشتريها من حكومات الأرض بطريقة لا تضر بسيادة تلك الحكومات   يجب أن نجد حلا الإصلاحي لا معاقبة الشخص الذي يرتكب جريمة، على مناطق النفوذ من Asgardia. كما أنني ليست لدي مشكلة مع بقية من الدستور. أتمنى الازدهار لAsgardia

Mod Edit English Translation - I believe that the constitution is of a humanitarian principle, but we must have our own land on the planet in the uninhabited areas we buy from the governments of the land in a way that does not harm the sovereignty of those governments. We must find a reform solution, not punish the person who commits a crime, the spheres of influence from Asgardia. I also have no problem with the rest of the Constitution. I wish prosperity for Asgardia.
zahira, 10/06/2017, 14:27 UTC

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Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 15:57 UTC

My Fellow Asgardians,

After having read through the draft I am more or less happy with the overall direction the constitution is heading. I would like to formally propose we include a provision in the draft constitution for the mandating of training and learning enterprises, such as training programs, tertiary study programs and other programs designed to enhance the knowledge and capability of our nation. We are after all, a space nation and I believe we all should learn the various skills needed to make this a reality. 


Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 03:39 UTC

Well here we are about a week out from the vote, and where is the updated/revised/final draft of the Constitution of Asgardia? Please, a bit more transparency and communication would be most welcome as this is both a momentous occasion and life altering/confirming (and far reaching) decision granted to us who are permitted to participate. Thank you.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 09:49 UTC

  • Hello im a colored male from North Carolina in the USA. I am finaly proud to be a member of a nation that respects all liberties and human rights I believe in this constitution who needs that rubbish NWO one world government,when you have a non occultic and positively reinforced  based space nation that I can still practice my christian belief without riticule!!or any on else at that,also equal rights for every one!!


Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 10:55 UTC

Hello friends of Asgardia:

I was surprised by this discussion group about something so technical and at the same time as delicate as the constitution of Asgardia. You can not frivolize with something so serious. I will not comment on articles and legal formalisms because I would not know how to do it but I will speak a bit of dogmatism. For those who do not know, dogmatisms are definitions or propositions that by the time elapsed they become unmovable laws even if they are out of phase and no longer necessary. This happens in the majority of peoples of the earth and these laws remain in their constitution because they favor the political group that is in the power, although a minority. My proposal is that once approved the text of the constitution does not suffer from the same failings as the other nations of the earth. It has to be a dynamic text that adapts to modern times and in each three to five year period it is obligatory for the government to create a discussion debate to reform, if It is necessary, the text of the charter.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 11:05 UTC

Greetings MAIDORM,

I too share your sentiment about the constitution remaining a dynamic document. I do believe there is already provision in the constitution that citizens may carry out changes to the constitution with the referendum delivery method as stated in Chapter 9. This is one of the most important Chapters in the constitution, as this is the very lifeblood of our nation as we see it today. 


Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 15:54 UTC

Hello friends of Asgardia

For personal reasons I do not like being a FACEBOOK member. In 2014 I quit. My question: Is there no alternative to Facebook, for example TWITTER or GOOGLE +? Translated with Google.

Hola amigos de Asgardia
Por razones personales no me gusta ser miembro de FACEBOOK. En 2014 me di de baja. Mi pregunta: ¿No hay otra alternativa a Facebook, por ejemplo TWITTER o GOOGLE +? traducido con Google.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 16:04 UTC

Objection to Constitutional Monarchy, Monarchy was a bad idea to implement. This already been proven by all the history of human Civilisation. I agree Asgardia need leader, but Asgardia don’t require any King or Queen. No one include every leader should be above the Asgardia law. Leaders who have broken the law should face equal or harder punishment. All the Asgardia leader privilege and power should be off set to zero once confirmed commit crime. A leader who commits crime should be abandoning the right to be a leader for life time, or least 5 years above in the condition that all others leader agrees. 

Crime law should have harder punishment to those rich guys or whoever has higher rights. For example: if an normal Asgardia citizen getting punishment 1 year jail term and fine $10k for stealing $1000, then if a rich person commit corruption or any crime should face at least double or more heavier jail term and fine 50% of the his belongings punishment. 

All education to children should be equally include leader child and free to all Asgardia citizen. No special schools for leader child, all are the same. Basic medical and living should be cover by Asgardia government for those poor people, teach them to live better. Asgardia should set goals to all Asgardian to live with harmonies, rational think and act with wisdom.

Lastly i wish Asgardia  can focus on wisdom, this is important that knowledge are pass down with good example and act.

Jun 11, 17 / Can 22, 01 21:46 UTC

Asgardia being a monarchy is a no go, and like me, many people will "abandon ship" if this continues down the monarchy way. I already am a subdit of a monarchy, that at least has historical background to exist, but no new state should ever by any reason be a monarchy.

It can only work as a democracy, with fixed length terms, and fixed amount of terms (something reasonable, like, max 2 terms of 4 years, not more). Nobody wants a lifelong leader using Asgardia as a legal shield with chief of state inmmunity for whatever he does anywhere else like the North Korean dictator, wich is what sounds most likey to be the reason for a monarchy.

Everything else can be better argued by people with more technical klnowledge of lega and economic matters than me, altough of course, if we're to pay taxes, we should get services in return proportionally, nobody will pay for the upkeep of the government without getting anything in Exchange.

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 13:07 UTC

"If you are on a ship in a storm, would you hand-over the navigational decisions to open vote for the public or would you leave it to the hands of the experienced captain?" This is what Socrates was asking. I get that Asgardia Official is following a similar attitude towards governing, hence the monarchy, and that is ok. A country is like ship, it sinks or floats with people in it, and the important decisions can't be trusted to the general public. But I'm sure more people would be okay with it if Dr. Ashurbeyli's vision for Asgardia was clearer.