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Can't someone tell me something about Chinese, for our citizens to communicate better. I find Chinese people registered is the most. Or line is convenient.

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Apr 6, 17 / Tau 12, 01 06:27 UTC

A lot of people are connected by language. Because language itself means culture. Maybe in the English language we can add some Chinese culture. To make a better Asgardia.

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Countries on the land of earth are following English-speaking country (you know).

Sep 23, 17 / Sco 14, 01 15:46 UTC

I see  English is widely accepted as  Internasional  Language , the most practical medium of  communication until  now.  The linguistic aculturation would run its course naturally  .My prognosis that  Romanized  form of language would be dominant  after all. Pictographic languages like Chinese or Japanese would be hard to  learn . But The more you use Pin Yin or Romanized Chinese , the faster international audience would be used to it.  Concrete example  :The Romanized   Japanese words like Tsunami , Karaoke etc have been understood  internationally.

I  would like to remind you even though this is  out of context,  Romanized Alphabet  languages like English , it has 3 dimensions , : dimension of writing,Sound,and meaning.

Japanese  ,it has 4 dimesions : pictures ( pictograph  or  Kanji ), meaning, sound , and writting ( Hiragana and katagana ), and to some extents it has  several tones.

Mandarin , it has 4 dimensions : pictures(pictograph),meaning, sound,and a little bit writting ( Phe ,pe ,me fe, ne ,le  and so on) it has also 4 tones each pictograph.( Han Zi  or Kan ji)  

So , Mandarins created more brain cells  to recognize those dimensions  and tones as early as new born babies, and  that's why is difficult to learn for  adult foreigners.

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Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 21:23 UTC

Hi there, many of us Parliamentary Candidates would love to learn more information on how to get in contact with Chinese Asgardians and if there is a way to help you get onto things such as Facebook, or to be informed if this is the easiest method of communication to bypass The Great Firewall of China!


Please feel free to check out my MP Parliamentary Candidacy profile and basic platform!

Want to keep in touch with your local MPs? Want a direct link to having your voice to be heard? Come meet those running to represent you!

Give us topics you want us to discuss.  Let us be your voice!

Unity and focus will lead us to great things!