Dec 20, 16 20:53 UTC

Experience of asgardianing in military and security  

Hello all. This topic is to start the conversation on what requirements asgardia has for military/security what role it may play, defense,policing and what experience with have amongst us all ready

Dec 20, 16 20:54 UTC

I am an ex submariner who served with the royal navy for 7 year

Dec 20, 16 20:56 UTC

I too am an ex-submariner in the US navy.

Dec 20, 16 21:08 UTC

I am a former US Marine (8 years). I spent most my time as a instructor training security forces.

Dec 20, 16 21:32 UTC

I'm ex-RAF 10.6 years. I started a topic about the naming and role of our security service, I'd like to get other veterans options.

Dec 20, 16 21:37 UTC

Ex Paratrooper, Ex Military Red Cross, Ex Officer. Served in italian Army for more than 30 years. Descending from an ancient Scottish family in Sicily from 1708.

Dec 20, 16 21:50 UTC

Ex-military, Scouts Battalion of Estonain Army - 10 years. 2 battle missions (Bosnia, Croatia 1995, Kosovo 1999).

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Dec 20, 16 21:56 UTC

2 years Canadian Infantry Reserve.

Dec 20, 16 21:59 UTC

Ex German Air Force (Luftwaffe) Radio technican

Dec 20, 16 22:29 UTC

No full time military or security experience;regular 10 months military service Croatian Air Force Mig maintenance. First 5months basic infantry training

Dec 20, 16 22:49 UTC

Ex German military (Air Force), SatCom here. Only served a couple of months. Going to study IT Security in April.

Dec 20, 16 23:36 UTC

I cross-posted my intro in the greetings page. I was active duty U.S. Marine Corps, in communications from 1990-94, with a few years added in the Washington Army & Air National Guard. About 10 years total time.

Dec 20, 16 23:44 UTC

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Dec 20, 16 23:51 UTC

15 Years US Army combat veteran. I served as a Combat Engineer, Military Police team leader, and various Military Intelligence roles from CI/HUMINT to acting Intelligence Officer.

Dec 21, 16 00:41 UTC

Hi everyone I'm still an active soldier starting my 18 th year I'm reconnaissance amount a few other things , I'm glad to meet you all .