Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 20:50 UTC

Hi from Finland  

Good evening(?) everyone, this project was just on a Finnish news site and I wonder how many Finnish people actually went all the way and signed up for this...? Uh, anyway so nice to meet everyone, regardless where you're from. My english isn't the best possible and I'm sorry about that- I just haven't spend much time on social media actually talking to people and learning the language. Also because I'm slightly Autistic I feel kind of awkward communicating with others unless it's about my own interests, but I'm willing to give this a try. We're all different individuals after all but what we have in common might be that we want something to change..? Or maybe just curiosity? Curiosity is great!

Personally I'm just so fed up with the wealthy materialistic lifestyle where the only purpose in life seems to be just owning stuff. Also I'm endlessly curious about learning alternative ways to do things, so I thought being a part of this project could be an extremely satisfying experience. My personal hobbies are drawing, hiking, programming, videogames and traditional table-top games. Which all are basically just forms of exploring the world inside- and outside my head. Chill stuff like that. I also have to pay extra attention on nutrition because I'm really allergic to some preservatives and colourants and kind of forced to cook most of my own food. I could kinda call it a hobby too since it's really fun to hunt on bazaars for exotic ingredients for making up my own recipes. And I like people, in general. Why to waste your energy on disliking them? (Just saying because I often face this misconception that Autistic people are just really negative and nihilistic which isn't quite right.)

Ps; If we make it to the space during my lifetime... man, I really hope there will be cats. I really need cats to function properly. And kimchi. That's pretty much it. 👋👋

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 20:59 UTC

Welcome to the Asgardia Forums! Please feel free to contribute, your english skills seem fine to me. We have many discussions and projects happening at the moment, Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms if you haven’t already. Your participation in the forums is confirmation of your agreement to those terms. Let us know if you have any questions. < https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/forum-announcements-10/topic/asgardiaspace-posting-rules-82/>

Make sure to keep up with Asgardia News and Announcements at https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/asgardia-news-9/

nice to meet you here endme see you on the forums.

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 21:55 UTC

oh, so relieved to hear that shanewatt, thank you! trying my best not to break every possible etiquette during my first 24 hrs. (or beyond)

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 23:27 UTC

Kimchi and cats, eh? Sounds good to me.

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 23:49 UTC

Kimchi and cats, eh? Sounds good to me.

unless cats are classified as edged weapons i am doomed to die with this planet, haha. cabbage seems pretty harmless though.

Feb 5, 17 / Pis 08, 01 23:49 UTC

@endme, I always manage to make a few errors along the way, the volunteers are here to help so don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. @dashrem the Kimchee sounds good but I'm allergic to cats :)

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 00:09 UTC

@shanewatt owch! i was gonna say don't worry he's an indoor cat but then i realized it's kind of pointless since , unlikely Asgardian laws would allow any outdoor pets. i'm so sorry, i mean i'm still a bit allergic to cats too but grown more tolerant but it still sucks. allergies suck. oh and btw, it's super nice when mods are welcoming newcomers aboard. no doubt i will ask if something bothers me, this just made me feel very welcome! 😹

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 00:45 UTC

@endme I'm could learn to live with cats if I am still here to witness a space station firsthand :) Thank you for letting me know you appreciate the welcome, introductions and interaction are important first steps toward collaborating together with others.

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 06:04 UTC

Another Finn reporting for duty! I also have 2 cats :P Otherwise i am the typical materialistic human being what @endme was describing. It was interesting to find out about this while reading finnish economic webpage. Nice to meet you all.

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 09:41 UTC

@shanewatt yes! i have to agree with that. looking forwards to see this inspiring community to grow.

@Emboror oh hello! nothing wrong with the life-style if you're enjoying it yourself. and knowing finnish news media it probably was the the same site we're talking about. nice to meet you (and your cats too). 🖖😹

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 10:00 UTC

Welcome endme

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 11:40 UTC

thank you @Frogman! 🖖🖖

Feb 6, 17 / Pis 09, 01 20:02 UTC

Hello, also from Finland. Saw that same news article and decided to apply, love the idea of international (or interplanetary? :D) space government welcoming citizens from all nationalities. Hope this developes beyond just being online community and has some real effect in the world, or space.

Btw, did actually read Terms and Conditions, these days you can never be sure of what you are signing up for.

Feb 7, 17 / Pis 10, 01 04:46 UTC

Hi! I registered just now too with the same idea behind me. I'm happy to see a fellow citizen here with me, proud Finnish here too, haha. Also read that same article, so we're in the same boat now, I think. Best of luck to you and hope this takes off!

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Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 17:59 UTC

I would think that until proper sanitation and waste disposal is set up that pets would be less-than-idea on a space station with no gravity.

Things that poop and pee in zero-G are quite messy.

Yeah, that floating brown thing? Not a Tootsie Roll.