Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 18:45 UTC

Re: Decree N2 by The Asgardia Head of Nation - Asgardian Calendar!  

@Jason: There is no international Standard Civil Calendar, there is just an International accepted Date and Time representation Standard who is compatible with different calendar systems (not just gregorian). It's ISO 8601 by the way.

@EyeR: I will not (probably never) implement the proposed Calendar System.

Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 19:05 UTC

I feel that a calender should reflect the social aspects of that civilization that's why I propose the atomic decay method of our sun so that spacefaring civilizations can understand why we use the atomic decay as a far more accurate tool if time in this solar system.

Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 19:25 UTC

Honestly, I hope they soon open it for voting... Meanwhile, it's better we suck this new calendar up and move forward.

For now, this is what it is!

Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 19:29 UTC

I would like this calender:

jan 28 days
feb 28 days
mar 29 days : 1 day extra for 29 february anniversary's (year day)
apr 28 days
may 28 days
jun 28 days
asg 28 days
jul 28 days
aug 28 days
sep 28 days
oct 28 days
nov 28 days
dec 28 days

Grtz, Dirk.

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Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 19:55 UTC

theres a poll in the face about the calendar

Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 20:16 UTC

Yup, the poll is useless and by far not representative.

Ari 13, 01 / Mar 10, 17 21:22 UTC

In my humble opinion the calendar is somewhat rushed, when the satellites are ready in space could be made the calendar and see as orbit is around the earth and make the relevant calculations.

Ari 14, 01 / Mar 11, 17 11:41 UTC

It seems like total sutupidity. For now, in this time, on earth, its nonsense to have a different calender then the general one. Even "not accepting the metric system" is a stupidity.. however if we want to go for it and have a separate calendar with earth, why do we need to have 365 day 6 hours for a year, why we should need a leap year or use "january, fabruary ext."?? And for the last, WHY do we have a month that called "Asgard". Are we that much visionless to call a month as "Asgard" and cant find a name that can mean more to us? Beyond us, even Asgard myth have so many opportunities for that.. That action is so senseless i cant even find how to call it...

Afterall we could find an idea like " we will have 9 months -8 from the planets and 1 from the sun- to honor our solar system each have 30 days or whatever or 10 months with + our satalite as our first step to the space."even that is more acceptable. With the same idea we won't be on earth, we dont even need 24 hours a day. We can use whatever system is good for human health. But seperating Asgardia calender from the earth and yet using the same times(365day6hours) and same names are unbelievable...

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Ari 14, 01 / Mar 11, 17 14:05 UTC

I find it a good idea.

In the beginning we take carefully little steps.

The next generations can do faster and bigger steps.

Grtz, Dirk.

Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 00:40 UTC

Hi Dirk. Maybe you're the one who can explain why this is a good idea at this point in time. No-one else has been able to provide a compelling argument to date. So please tell me (and everyone else concerned by this proposal) exactly why this is a good idea?

Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 03:43 UTC

I've made a two-way Converter for the new calendar (from the Gregorian calendar in ISO standard, extended by me to be usable with any year) to be used as a reference tool.

Because of The question of adding an extra day in a leap year will be addressed separately. (quote from Decree #2, I've included three different scenarios.

  1. Leap Day included between February and March (similar to ISO calendar),
  2. Leap Day included between June and Asgard (similar to original International Fixed Calendar),
  3. no Leap Day ever included.

All fields change values when one of them is changed. Leap Day and Year Day are included at the 29th position of the months they are coming after (February, June, December).

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Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 06:20 UTC

It was pleasant to me!

Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 08:31 UTC

So; the idea itself is great at idea stage, as we will need a different calendar not bound to the movement of Earth related to the Sun. If and when the future Asgardians will live in a space station in orbit, I see no sense having months with different day count, as the concept of "month" will change only to be relevant to amount of fixed amount of days and time. With no axle to rotate around and no set daylight cycle, we are going to define days only with time, and to make matters as simple as possible, a fixed amount of days in a month will be sufficient.

BUT, it is still moronic to start using this or any other kind of calendar during our time on Earth. It will only create confusion and disorder. And when we transfer ourselves to space, it should be revisited, as we (preferably) would still continue having contact to Earth, and different calendar would again create needless confusion.

Also, I still don't understand the need of 13th month (haven't read the wiki article about this kind of calendar yet).

TL;DR The concept is interesting and surely needed at some time in the distant future, but by no means necessary in a long time.

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Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 16:48 UTC

But if "detaching" from Earth orbit when measuring time - why move to Jupiters?

Wouldn't it make more sense to use base 10?

Ari 15, 01 / Mar 12, 17 18:38 UTC

Out of casual curiousity, where'd you get "moon colony" from?