Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 11:48 UTC

Decree N2 by The Asgardia Head of Nation - Asgardian Calendar!  

Hello Asgardians!

There is a new Head of Nation Decree up on the webpage!

This one outlines a proposed calendar for Asgardia using a 13 month format of 28 day long months and it starting on January 1 2017 and going to December 31, 2017 or "Year Day".

It also outlines some already established Asgardia holidays as well!

EDIT: For those asking, this concept is quite an old one, the most known version of this calendar proposed by Moses Cotsworth in 1902 as the International Fixed Calendar. It wasn't adopted by any countries however the CEO of the Kodak Company adopted it for their use from 1928 - 1989. It was reviewed by Dr. Ashurbeyli and adapted for Asgardian use as a Space Nation would not be ruled by seasons, rather only days.

You can find more information about the International Fixed Calendar here and get a fuller idea of how it will work.

What do you think of the proposed calendar? Let's hear your voices Asgardians!

Kind regards, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Administrator, Asgardia

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Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 12:28 UTC

I thnk it's a great idea. If you live on Jupiter.

For anywhere else, I fail to see the advantages of this specific or to introducing another calandar system. I can see the point of a calander that's not tied to Earth's orbit, but don't feel that's a strong enough reason to rock that particular boat.

Measuring it by another system that doesn't particularly corollate - especially after 113 cycles throws up a whole "new month" of leap days - tends to cause confusion,

IMHO it would of been more appropriate to drop names for the months altogether, rather than follow egotistical examples of Augustus and Ceaser.

Rather than be concerned about how the Earth measures the passage of the year, I think more attention should be paid to relative velocity and that maintaining difference of this over a long enough timeframe will de-sync various independant locations.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 12:32 UTC

As far as I am aware, there are already five main calendars in the world. I fail to see why we need another calendar just for us. I am not in favor of this idea.

All the other major calendars are religious in nature, being based on faith teachings and holy days. Given Asgardia's secular nature, I cannot see us having a reason to justify having our own calendar except until the completely transparent motivation of 'wanting to be different'.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 12:38 UTC

If we are going to have our own calendar then lets make it our own the months should be renamed all of them ;)

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 12:47 UTC

Na Christyn, would be really confusing. Refer my post on the Astronomy thread.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 12:59 UTC

Is today April 1 in the Asgardian calendar?

This is just not practical. Unless Asgardia is totally isolated from Earth (like in a self sufficient space habitat) why complicate dealings with Earth? You're going to need a conversion table to figure out what the 8th of Asgard is in the Gregorian calendar. It can only lead to confusion and misunderstandings, especially where trade is concerned.

What's next? Are we going to abandon S.I. units as well? Is a kilogram of apples going to weigh 0.79 of an Odin? Is a metre going to be 3.3 Mjolnirs? Is a litre going to be 1.1 Freyjas?

I'm sure there are more constructive things to do in establishing Asgardia. I fail to see how this will assist with the goal of UN recognition for Asgardia.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 16:35 UTC

We're starting the creation of a new nation. We're trying to break a lot of old stereotypes with our new ideals. When someone wants to start fresh, they try to see what they can change to be different so they can feel the changes, and 'see' them in their new daily life.

This is a great idea that I know will take some getting used to. I know I'll be printing off a couple new calendars to follow; but I am happy to see this creation!

The only issue I might see with this is regarding space missions. For easier configuration for mission planning and computer programming would be to utilize Julian date calendar. Trying to program in our new Asgardian calendar would be an immense undertaking and could cause problems with programming coding for mission objectives, steps throughout the entire mission as well.

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Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:00 UTC

The Decree is useless and does only reflect (academical) unprofessionalism. There is no (technical) recommendation linked to the decree, nor is the standard behind the date and time variant of the "new Asgardian calendar system" properly explained.

If this is the aimed level of science that has any influence on the government, we just failed at the very beginning.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:12 UTC

Wow! I am surprised to see so much negativity. Isn't there any way we can be a bit more constructive or positive about this? Ideas are great! but negativity is quite discouraging. There are people who are working a lot for this project. We would like to share our excitement and enthusiasm, even ideas would be welcome.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:14 UTC


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Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:14 UTC

Code can be algorythmed off - it already is as nothing occurs is a suitable base but it'd be a lot easier if didn't have to bother. If refactoring, base ten or even hex would of made more sense.

But there again I'm of the opinion small children should be taught to math in binary but represent in hex.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:22 UTC

Zahira - Copying a thing, adding sugar to it, and dropping any other approach in silence, deserves no positivity.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:43 UTC

One reason is: The gregorian calendar is an environment bound calendar system which is not suitable for travelling the galaxy nor living in it. As a space nation, our future home is not longer bound to the "old" environment, the new environment is the outer space, nothing that is strictly depending on a month-based system or 365 days based cycles for each year. A new calendar system is a logical step and there are approaches for such an environment decoupled calendar system (my proposal is just one of many). But it shouldn't aim to be similar to what has been established yet (because of easy recognition and discriminability. It should be as easy as possible, as conflict free as possible and consistent.

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:45 UTC

Personally, I feel that we are having to break many different concepts and ideas based on our humanity to grow as a new nation. There have been quite a few threads with ideas around a new calendar system already, (I know they are out there), but none have been declared officially accepted. This ideal is such a drastic change to the concepts of calendar times to break the old bonds. With this new calendar as well, it's not based on seasons, as so many are already based upon reflecting of the Earth, herself. So, where do we go from here, and how do we how a new independence?

Mar 9, 17 / Ari 12, 01 17:50 UTC

Leomarquie, the submitted recommendations for a new calendar system were never be officially rejected nor officially enqueued for consideration. If you submit a recommendation, you'll get no feedback, no response, nothing. The decree is actually just an alienation of those who have invested a lot of time to form a recommendation or a draft.