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Re: Decree N2 by The Asgardia Head of Nation - Asgardian Calendar!  

If you see creditability in danger for adopting star trek, you'll be very naive. If you see a formalization of a star trek idea as nerdy or childish, throw away your smartphones, it is one.

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Well, There's also the fact that having decimal points instead of months and days is extremely complicated to adopt.

Trust me, I know, lol. ;)

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From my point of view, it is not. When was the last time you have calculated ( not counted until ) a date? The twenty-fifth of one is an easily adaptable calculation. It's very basic math.

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The Hungarian translataion of the Decree N2:

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"Stop complaining and get with the program" - Hmmm, since when did Asgardia become a dictatorship? When did free thinking and using free speech to express an opposing view become a bad thing? If this is the case, I will happily remove my application - not what I signed up for.

Please explain to me how using an alternate calendar will "part ways with conflicts of the Earth". I'm really interested to hear the explanation for that.

My respectful view is out of concern about the credibility of Asgardia as a whole and how a move like this could compromise the goal of UN membership. Do a quick poll and see how many other UN countries use a single calendar that is unique to them. In the future, there will undoubtedly be a need of a method of measuring time suitable for a space faring nation. That time is not now. I would argue that currently, putting time into finalising the draft constitution is a far more worthy endeavour than fiddling with the calendar.

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There is much fanfare thinking where the first alternative opinion already qualify as negativity. Even among some Mods, which I find incredible.

That fanaticism does a terrible evil to Asgardia, since they cut off from root any proposal or discussion in favor of silence and submissive compliance. Any comparison with an authoritarian regime is pure coincidence ...

Luckily, and that's why we are, this is not an authoritarian regime, however many citizens and even Mods think it is so.

@AquariusEarth you have no right to tell any citizen to withdraw their citizenship when you do not agree with an opinion. People who have arguments and opinions that differ from yours are not "negative," they have their own ideas. Think about it, please. This is not an authoritarian regime.

To all the fanatics, be citizens or Mods I say, try with a different argument to the one of "you are negative, abide the program". The own thought exists, from there arise the great ideas;)

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Though I'm a 中国人,I still notice and give more attentions to that, Is the number of the months be good or not?

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Here you go. The Asgardia Calendar for 2017, in accordance with Decree N2:

Notice how days of the weeks all fall on the same date. Genius, really.

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Whow some person says that one opinion is negative and to stop complaining and we already have begin to be a dictactorship/authoritharism(asgardia as whole), from the time that we are already begin to point to one or another in the face the asgardia already have fail,the great problem is we are discussing something that not even have be aproved or even be properly discussed , this is not more a discussion about tthe calendar this already have begin to be a topic about:Asgardia Fanatscism , complaning , point the error of others and etc .....

EDIT:Skies the link is off

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Oops! Thanks. I fixed it. :)

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I am examining this situation purely from an analytical perspective. For me, personally, time is a mental construct and, as such, has little value to me. Outside of synchronizing events, timekeeping is not really required. Age is irrelevant, only maturity (and those who are aged are not always mature). From a purely analytical perspective, what is the need for this calendar? I can find no need necessitating a new calendar. On Earth, common-use calendars are created by religious orders. Asgardia, as a secular nation, has no religious need for a national calendar.

For those who claim that those who are negative to the idea are somehow less committed to Asgardia than those in favor of their own calendar can go take a long walk of a short pier. Those statements are a matter of opinion based on no facts, stated solely for the intention of intimidation and psychological warfare. They are rude, disrepsectful of their fellow Asgardians, and not productive to intelligent, reason-based communication. Please self-sensor those sorts of attitude for the betterment of all Asgardians.

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I am yet to see a convincing argument in this thread that implementing an Asgardian calander is necessary and a worthwhile use of limited resources. Can someone, anyone, please try to convince me that this needs to happen at this point in time, particularly given the potential drawbacks.

"Being cool" doesn't cut it for me. If you want to be cool, tip ice cubes in your pants. To "be different" is an equally weak argument for this proposal. We already are different by signing up to be part of this adventure.

I am committed to Asgardia, which is why I am speaking out on this topic. I'd hate to see Asgardia written off by other countries as a bunch of fringe nutters over this issue, particularly when the vast majority of Asgsrdians only became aware of this through an official decree.

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What is the International Calendar from your point of view? I use 3 different calendar systems at my daily work.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 16:33 UTC

I think he means the Gregorian calendar.