May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:00 UTC

Re: Discussion of the draft Constitution  

10. Failure to perform citizen obligations or failure to perform them properly may lead to permanent revocation of Asgardian citizenship, suspension of Asgardian citizenship, fines, restriction and/or permanent revocation of access to Asgardia’s electronic resources in accordance with the law of Asgardia. The death penalty is prohibited in Asgardia. The creation of prisons is prohibited in Asgardia

Even for the serious crimes ? Much dangerous physically to the community ?

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:02 UTC

@bigred - can't promise, because very busy, but will try to lead all to the system closer to a vote. While there is only a replica when I see some very controversial moments. Besides, my English leaves much to be desired.

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:05 UTC

2. Asgardia uses its own material, financial and other resources to ensure free access to distance learning, professional qualifications, scientific and creative work for Asgardian citizens.

For example I want to learn desparately ASTRONOMY and COSMOLOGY, how could Asgardia provide the facility in San Pedro ?

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:20 UTC

f. separation of powers;

What do you mean by this. Montesqiu's  TRIAS POLITICA  ?

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:25 UTC

 Every person has the right to have their dignity recognised and protected in life and after death

What do you mean by this ?  Procession and  proper Funeral ? San Pedro is small after all, not much space for the livings. Probably Crematory would be the solution.

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:29 UTC

5. The state protects groups of citizens who find themselves in a difficult position on Asgardian territory by providing them equal access to food, clothing, shelter and basic material and spiritual benefits.

SPIRITUAL ? Seemingly the first time I found this word in this draft . Scientifi -Friendly Spiritualism is supposed to be promoted .

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:39 UTC

As "sisif" says:

"1.Asgardia is a Constitutional this a joke ? 2.Currency - GOR ???? I GOR another joke ??? why not turn Asgardia in Ashurbeylia"

Monarchy was really surprise, but Direct Democracy is not effective at all, how crowd can rule the country, how farmer can vote and choose from different scientific programs the best one? (I certainly exaggerate, but I think that the general meaning is clear.) As for me the best political system will be a specific council of experts and here is also a lot of democracy. Each expert in current field should be chosen by community (for example expert in logistic can chosen by  people who works in that field and among them). That's how we can choose people with the best skills who understand the problem of the branch of knowledge in which he works and clever enough to understand problems from other branches of knowledge.

P.S. The education minimum on voting rights is good, but I don't think that this will solve the problem.

As for me, GOR as the unit of currency is not a good idea. We already see that on the logo of Asgardia is painted the Eye of Horus - the main symbol of the Illuminati, according to some information ;) That's not the worst situation. But another symbol is strongly reminds symbol from Bob Frissell's books. And ideas in that books is far away from real science and closer to some totalitarian sects.


May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:42 UTC

c. monitor the Earth’s biosphere and emerging biological threats originating in space, model and forecast their potential consequences and ways of defending against such threats.

How far  Asgardia protect the earth from Methane gas produced by Animal Husbandry ?

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:45 UTC

In order to preserve humanity and Earth’s biodiversity, Asgardia organises and ensures the building of Space Arks, defensive platforms in space to be used in the event of threats to the safety of humanity on Earth and for space tourism in the absence of threats.  

You don't mention Dogs as  human's best friend and  any other gentle animals which could get along with human

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:49 UTC

5. Asgardian citizens must respect and protect Asgardia’s national symbols. Disrespect towards...........

FYi , some religious teaching  ban  the National Symbols

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 08:56 UTC

5. Asgardian citizens must respect and protect Asgardia’s national symbols. Disrespect towards...........

FYi , some religious teaching  ban  the National Symbols

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 09:01 UTC

Article 26. National symbols 1. Asgardia’s national symbols are a. the national flag of Asgardia; b. the national coat of arms of Asgardia; c. the national anthem of Asgardia

Just a  reminder : Some Earthly Countries force women to adapt attire to their customs. We would have women Ambasador ,Wouldn't we ?

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 09:08 UTC

5. One year prior to reaching the age limit or in the event of a voluntary resignation, the Head of State nominates a candidate for the position of Head of State on a hereditary.........

What do you mean by HEREDITARY  here .

May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 09:24 UTC

@sisif, @Artem - It may be appropriate, given the network decision-making mechanism, the implementation of some elements of the real noocracy. 

As  the simplest option - in an online vote on a specific issue is given  sufficient detail to understand the description (on the main native  languages of the participants (!)), and then a small online test, after  which the value of each vote is determined by using a certain on the  basis of test weight coefficients for the formula of the type X = 1 x A x  B, where A is the current (at the time of voting (!) - to evaluate the  adequacy of the decisions taken at the moment) IQ of voters  (approximately from 0.8 to 1.7), determined according to standard  methods, and B is the current "competence factor" of voters (between 0  and 1) that determines the degree of understanding of the problem. Price  votes from 0 (incompetent people do not understand the problem) to 1.7  (the limit is absolutely competent genius). This would avoid some of the  problems of traditional democracy, where important decisions can  "distort" is not always adequate and incompetent, but a large majority.  Or a simple majority on the basis of national or state solidarity.

The  currency may be called even though Mickey Mouse - as long as it did not  allow, in principle, inflation, devaluation, unlimited emission and other  speculative tricks. To do this, she must be firmly tied to measurable  real values, and not other currencies. As can be faked, for example, 1  megawatt of energy?

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May 25, 17 / Can 05, 01 09:46 UTC

I support @ petrv request

@Lena De Winne:

I  publicly entreating Dr. Ashurbeyli to issue a Decree to postpone the  announced Constitution voting until the Constitution will pass the  all-Asgardian referendum!

Let's try a little "Direct Democracy" here . Feel free to support, or not, this request. Let's VOTE...... YEY OR NEY to this request. Thoughts  ?????

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