Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 05:28 UTC

Re: Taxes  

The system of taxation (16th Amendment) as well as the Federal Reserve was slipped  in at darkest night in 2013(12/23/2013). In effect, a bloodless coup in 2013. I would agree with a VAT tax to get our consumables into space. I would easily renounce my Asgardian citizenship should a "state" property tax or Federal Income Tax be enacted. We already made that mistake in the US, a century ago. I don't wish to support bankers/ pigs in Space. Socialism/Communism doesn't work. Neither does Fascism, look at all the failed States throughout history. It's not like we haven't got innumerable criminal examples. I think our infrastructure fixed costs will be higher. We need a steady source of income as a previous poster alluded to which I agree with (great brainstorming BTW). I would support a VAT tax to pay for infrastructure but Property/Income Tax-NO. I've already got a grubby USA hand reaching into my frayed pocket to support MIC and Entitlements (disability, food stamps,Obamacare ring a bell?) I'm OK with eat what you kill, grow,sell. I've yet to meet a government who's overarching agenda is to "promote social welfare". 

Dec 1, 17 / Sag 27, 01 01:15 UTC

I have been ready to sell items to the asgardian population. Asked many what hoops do I need to jump through and am willing to donate a portion of my profits to asgardia. But 

Aparently they don't want money to build this dream . Or Their wish is to monopolize anything asgardian and use it as a cash cow. 

Dec 13, 17 / Cap 11, 01 00:48 UTC

A clause stating that taxes can be levied is essential, as other governments throughout history have tried to leave that out and it led to a very swift end for those governments. Ultimately any tax right now would not be practical or reasonable, but basic taxes for those who do eventually choose to live in Asgardia will be inevitable. There should be a goal to limit taxes as much as possible, and supplementing them with other sources of income would be ideal, but the government will have expenses and will need resources to manage those expenses. It will be on the members of parliament to not over reach, and it will be important for us as citizens to elect officials that won't add unnecessary burden to the populous. That being said, an y tax levied right now would be met with laughter and eye rolls. If an amendment were to be proposed It would be better to specify that taxes can only be levied on those residing within Asgardia, meaning no tax before the station is built.

Right now before parliament is formed is the time to begin discussion on what we think taxes should and should not look like, as that discussion will influence parliament once it is formed. For those interested in being part of that, I started a forum post in the policy and scope section of the ministry of finance. Tax or no tax, it is a discussion that needs to be had and decided on one way or the other before inviting investors.

Jan 15, 18 / Aqu 15, 02 23:08 UTC

As we talk about many things in economics I think perhaps we should work towards a sales tax.  for instance if we develop a platform to sell goods to each other, similar to etsy, a small tax can be collected upon each transaction.  As a start it would allow anyone who is able and willing to create something to have a method to do so, but it also does not levy taxes upon someone not prepared to pay it.  

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 14:46 UTC

please can you tell us about the taxes details ? In other to know if we can be a citizenship or not?

Mar 11, 18 / Ari 14, 02 16:51 UTC

@abbes star:

AFAIK taxes should be defined by the government.  They will debate, then define the laws that rule the tax system and then implement it.

Apr 30, 18 / Gem 08, 02 20:49 UTC

Me and a few friends are interested in becoming a part of Asgardia but the taxes have us concerned. Are we able to back out if we don't like the tax plan after its announced? 

May 1, 18 / Gem 09, 02 17:59 UTC

@Jason thank you, I appreciate it!

May 1, 18 / Gem 09, 02 18:01 UTC

@Jason thank you, I appreciate it!

May 28, 18 / Can 08, 02 07:05 UTC

We already pay Taxes for where we live now. Taxes for the amount of people that have accepted the Asgardian constitution should be very low for the infrastructure that Asgardia has now. 

 May be you should think of using computational computer power (GPU-CPU) to mine a small amount from Asgardians computers visiting the site or a specific site we can visit. The mined coins could be in solar or lunar and should be displayed as a running tally on a graph or board including value or current price. Transparency would be good. If our computers mine over the recommended amount we could put the coins in our own wallets to either pay for future Tax payments, purchasing Asgardian items. donations or trade coins on an exchange.


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Jun 26, 18 / Leo 09, 02 11:52 UTC

What's with the 100 EUR / year citizenship tax and income taxes?

We already pay taxes in the countries we live in. If being a citizen of this nation requires me to pay yet another tax besides those in my current country, I seriously consider giving up on ASG Citizenship.

Jul 5, 18 / Leo 18, 02 19:07 UTC

Mariusmuntean, every State needs taxes to survive. Yes, you already pay taxes in your country, but, as you became citizen of another State you need to be prepared to pay them. I think taxes is going to filter the real citizens and those who are only fooling around.

Jul 6, 18 / Leo 19, 02 07:37 UTC

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Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 20:31 UTC

@mariusmuntean Paying a tax is not a problem since a state needs to run and it needs money for that. It's not like the head of states will pay everything from his own pocket.

However, I think that how the money is being taken (yearly and/or monthly) and the amount can be a problem. Here is a discussion where I talked about these problems:

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Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 21:26 UTC

You pay taxes for state service - security, administration ...
Why do I have to pay 100 eurо in Asgardia?

Paying for real estate, profit is understandable .. but a fixed tax is not clear. And why is this and not 1000 euro or 10?