Dec 21, 17 / Cap 19, 01 19:51 UTC

Re: Decree N2 by The Asgardia Head of Nation - Asgardian Calendar!  

Johnathan T.C. Humanity will still exist within a linear timestream. That will not cease to be a thing.
We will still need a way of tracking time and planning things over short and long periods of time.
How will we plan things or record event dates without days, weeks, months years?

What option would you suggest for replacement for a calendar?
Just using numbers of days or hours since founding?

@Loudjo72 Yes, I have a post on it too. The Asgardian calendar is the International Fixed Calender (IFC) which I have been a fan of.
I have my post which lists benefits of it here:

Aug 2, 18 / Vir 18, 02 20:31 UTC

interessting, in moment