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Re: Discussion of the draft Constitution  

@Elwe Thor - Sorry, I did not understand what I wrote incorrectly. English is not my native language, maybe I have something badly translated. Let indicate the moderators. 

About contact developers of the Constitution - I may be wrong, but the situation something reminds me of the Kurt Vonnegut's story, where on the spacecraft of the Mars colonists were two buttons - "Start" and "Stop". The "Start" button launched automatically on the fly, and the button "Stop" was generally not connected to anything - it was just for psychological comfort of the crew. Perhaps this discussion is also for psychological comfort and not taken into account.

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 14:09 UTC

@Dmitry Novoseltsev(Asgardian) on 28 May 2017, 1:56 p.m.

Sorry, I did not understand what I wrote incorrectly. English is not my native language, maybe I have something badly translated. Let indicate the moderators. 

Actually, your English is just fine. I found no problem with your English as I am a native English speaker. However, Elwe Thor was being sarcastic with his words. No need to censor the word "answers" with "a-word..." Some have developed a pessimistic view of recent developments with Asgardia.Space - not everyone wishes to bow before a King.

Regarding your ideas on a Direct Democracy, would you have any ideas to implement it? How can it be scalable and stable as it grows in population?

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 14:49 UTC

The head of state (or his commercial entity) is writing the consitution, placing himself and his progeny in control. Nothing to see here, move along.

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 14:50 UTC

11. The Head of State enjoys immunity and is granted a lifetime guarantee of personal safety and the safety of his/her property after leaving the role.

There are just to much privilages to the head of state. He is like a God/Dictator by those rules, nobody can do anything against him and he is elected by the former head of state so that means same shit as here on earth, but different spoon to eat the shit they give us. I was really into all this but now as I read this constituon I myself am disapointed.

Everything would be lead by one dude, the head of state... It doesn't look like a free state a future space nation. It just looks like a comunits, fashist, dictatorship by one dude who calls himself a head of the state. He controls the cort, laws, diplomacy, taxes, banks and everything else.... Just wtf?

11. The Head of State may dissolve Parliament. The Prosecutor General may propose the dissolution of Parliament to the Royal Court. If the Royal Court agrees with the arguments made, it may dissolve Parliament in accordance with the law.

Parliament is the only thing citizens have and it could be disolved by the head....

Gor really? Money, the root to all Earth problems...

Taxes for a idea of a space nation? Really...

The National Audit Office comprises the Chairman of the National Audit Office and auditors. The National Audit Office Chairman is appointed for a five year term and removed from post by the Head of State. National Audit Office auditors are appointed by Parliament independently for five year terms. 

Inspection is also controlled by the Head of state..

Article 47. Special procedure for election of a new Head of State If elections for a new Head of State are scheduled within the first five years of adoption of the Constitution, the requirements of Asgardia’s Constitution concerning the candidate for the position of Head of State holding space citizenship for at least five years do not apply.

Who does have the space citizenship as long as 5 years? Nobody.

That just means that Igor can't be replaced in those first 5 years...

The part where people must be older then 40 to actually do political things is also a huge load of shit to protect Igor because most of the Asgardia population is younger then 40 years. 

I understand, you created this and you just want to protect yourself in it but creating a dictatorship where you could be called King and have his own private ,,corporation,, is just not the idea which I signed for, when all this started....

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 14:51 UTC

With the base of the topic tha i was done, this is the data from the votes from Asgardians:

Direct democracy
Constitutional monarchy
Parliamentary republic
Constitutional republic
Liquid Democracy
Democratic Meritoracy
Federal Republic

Theres a lot of people who want Tecnocracy or Direct Democracy, it would be good if this as anexed in the final draft as a sugestion.

topic from the poll:

Humberto - ANBR

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 15:27 UTC

Zokaa, ect. - I see the word "communism" makes many incorrect and negative interpretations. Then, please help to find a positive synonym to a definition: "a way of organizing of society, precluding systematic economic or other parasitism of some able-bodied and capable citizens or groups at the expense of other citizens or groups". You can certainly write and so, but too bulky. Need one memorable term.

@ LoreZyra– a few I wrote earlier about the permanent network referendums with weighting factors to each voice. Other ideas yet, will be immediately reported.

Zokaa– 11. I agree, it turns a strange archaic- whether the king and nobles, or the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee with the Politburo. So I would like to see from the developers detailed explanation of each item is what was meant.


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May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 16:49 UTC

A "parliamentary republic" headed with a collegial body is much better than a "constitutional monarchy". 

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 18:07 UTC

@BohZao on 28 May 2017, 2:51 p.m.

I voted Democratic Meritocracy but, after reading Lore Zyra's text, I think I would be quite happy with a Technocracy. 

Actually, there might not be much difference between the two. Meritocracy is based on past achievements and competency whereas Technocracy is based on expertise, experience, and potential future achievements.

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May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 18:24 UTC

Estimados hermanos Asgardianos: perdonad por mi visión esceptica sobre los "fundadores de la madre patria", pero no les veo dando explicaciones, ni comentando sugerencias, ¿cuantos han redactado esta constitución? son tan pocos que nadie tiene tiempo para comentar nada? servirá tanto esfuerzo de algunos para que sus sugerencias sean escuchadas? sinceramente creo que todo está cocinado por unos pocos que se están montando una nación a su imagen y semejanza. Nada de lo dicho será tomado en cuenta porque tienen claro lo que quieren hacer. La bandera, himno, saludo.. etc, ya está pensado y elegido por ellos. Nadie se acuerda como fue elegido cabeza de la nación... o le elegías o no podías ser considerado ciudadano, al igual que se quiere hacer con la constitución... Espero que los esfuerzos de algunos de vosotros, sea tomado en consideración y que se refleje en el proyecto de constitución. Buen trabajo y gracias por vuestro esfuerzo.

Google translation

Dear Asgardian brothers: Forgive me for my skeptical view of the "founders of the motherland" but I do not see them giving explanations, nor commenting on suggestions, how many have drafted this constitution? Are so few that nobody has time to comment anything? Will it be so much effort by some to make their suggestions heard? I sincerely believe that everything is cooked by a few who are mounting a nation in its image and likeness. Nothing said will be taken into account because they are clear what they want to do. The flag, hymn, greeting .. etc, is already thought and chosen by them. No one remembers how he was elected head of the nation ... or you chose him or you could not be considered a citizen, just as one wants to do with the constitution ... I hope that the efforts of some of you will be taken into consideration and that Is reflected in the draft constitution. Good work and thank you for your efforts.

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 19:27 UTC

In chapter 3, article 9, paragraph 10, the following sentence is clearly stated at the end: "The death penalty is prohibited in Asgardia. The creation of prisons is not admissible." According to the article and by that phrase. I ask myself: what will happen to those individuals who do not respect the law located in chapter 3, paragraph 4, g, which says: "(the citizen of Asgardia has) the right to physical integrity and the inviolability of the domicile." Will they be arrested, convicted, expelled or will they go unpunished?

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 21:25 UTC

Hello Asgardians!

 How will an Asgardian citizen contribute with this nation as it is written in the constitution?

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 21:44 UTC

@bohzao - yeah it's an interesting poll but really guys....

Shouldn't we be a little more practical and careful when making such large suppositions concerning public opinion. Especially when the poll is really only representative of the few people who are commenting on a particular forum.  I'm not belittling anyone's effort but as humans we do have a tendency to exaggerate for effect and to think that our opinion is representative of the whole.

It seems to me that if only 80 people voted then we have no proof for or against this poll being representative of the nearly 180000 signed up to Asgardia.

As I said, I'm not demeaning the validity of what each person feels or the effort everyone has put in concerning this draft however it would seem to be more constructive to be a somewhat objective when viewing the facts. Also I find it helpful to keep reminding myself that this is a draft and obviously it will have to be massaged and edited by people with a legal  background before the final.

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May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 22:02 UTC


I agree with you here :-) I am definitely guilty of projecting my opinions on the silent masses. I am constantly trying to make sure I'm only stating things as my personal opinion (and I'm sure I'm failing occasionally).

That being said, and I may be projecting here again, I can't see many people agreeing that this was the original intent of the society we've been trying to build here. 


May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 22:05 UTC

Please! I read something very wrong with the Constitution! 

Members of the Parliament can be elected as many times as they want? No! Limit the number, don't turn the Parliament into a career. 

Don't do the same mistake that the U.S. Congress did! Please!

May 28, 17 / Can 08, 01 22:07 UTC

@ bigred

In sttistics we use "samples" to represent a large population of users, obviously the ideal would be about 1000, but samples serve as indicators of a population in general, statistically it represents the population in general, theoretically the percentage of these 80 and the 180000 Asgardians It would look alike (does not mean that it's correct!)