Asgardia in Davos 21 st – 25 th January 2019

"We must build an effective economic system"
"Asgardia’s mission is the birth of the first human in space"
"Asgardia must be recognized as a full-fledged, independent nation"

Ruslan Ashurbeyli

Special Representative of the Head of Nation of Asgardia

"We see serious potential for some sort of economic activity within the nation"
"Our satellite network will eliminate the need for licensing frequencies on Earth"

Leon Shpilsky

Minister of Finance of Asgardia

"In essence, what we are talking about is the country of the future"
"I prefer to be romantic. That’s why I choose Asgardia"

Irina Nikitina

Chair of The Committee for Culture of Asgardian Parliament



Asgardia PR Team

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